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Securely fit 8mm gas hose onto regulators using these clipsWe recommend buying O clip pincers to give a secure fit (Product code 1036)..
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Leak Detector Spray Leak Detector Spray
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Will detect leaks on pipework and fittings - for use with both LPG & NG..
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13mm X 0.2mm Thick To BS6974/1991Suitable For All Gas Joints..
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Suitable for potable and hot water..
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Rocol Gas Seal
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Suitable for use with natural gas and LPG pipeworkIndependently tested by BSI to BS EN 751-2: 1997 Part 2 Class BJoints can be assembled and pressure tested immediatelyNon corrosive to aluminium, brass, copper, low carbon steel and zincResists vibrationCompatible with foam forming leak testersNon-se..
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